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Cleaning your water tank can be a daunting task, but it is important to ensure the water inside stays clean and bacteria-free. You should clean your water tank at least once a year. Water tanks will acquire algae, silt, and bacteria over time, all of which can be harmful if not taken care of. Why […]

About Us: Rooftops cool which claimed by Khan Jee  and its item and administrations assume a conclusive job in the clients fabricating procedure and overhaul their finished results. We joins client and market direction with its involvement with applied science. Client underpins is extensive and our Center of Excellence keep us in the cutting edge […]

Water tanks serve a very important role as clean, healthy and safe water reservoirs for a variety of industrial, commercial and residential uses safety practice. It should be carried out regularly as part of your tank maintenance. Keeping your tanks clean prevents scale, silting, biofilms, naegleria, legionella bacteria and other infestations. This can cause serious […]

Every house has a rooftop that is exposed to environment which includes heat from sun. With time and global warming in effect, summer temperatures especially in urban areas & intensity of rains are changing. This change in weather and environment also demands various steps and methods to be implemented during construction of house for minimizing […]

The main objective of a water tank is to store water. The stored water is used for many purposes like drinking, cooking, irrigation, agriculture, and many more things. Water is used everywhere and the water that can be used by humans is always storage water, not running water. The running water is also needed to […]

Typical Water Tank Cleaning At Home Has always played an essential role in the protection of public health, food and property for homes and businesses nationwide.We generally have two kinds of water tanks storage at home. Some people may have overhead water tanks and some may have underground water tanks or sumps, and some may have both. Be it an overhead […]

Water is that the source of life for all humans and animals and is beneficial for varied purposes – especially drinking. a day we use the water within the tank for cleaning ,moping ,brushing and bathing, washing clothes and in other household chores. With the passage of your time , sediments, scale and algae get deposited on the walls, ceiling and floor of the cistern . Major explanation for illnesses […]

  Most people tend to ignore the need to get their water tank cleaning regularly. A peep into the tank and most of the times, you will see moss covered green walls and muddy water at the bottom. It may be hard to believe that the water stored in such conditions is what you consume […]

March 12, 2020


water tank


  Water is undoubtedly the most important part of our lives and is something one cannot do without. Not only does it quench our thirst but is also important as far as cooking, personal hygiene. While it is true that water replenishes us, removes toxins from the body and helps us in uncountable ways but […]