Water Tank Cleaning Is Better Than Cure

Water tanks serve a very important role as clean, healthy and safe water reservoirs for a variety of industrial, commercial and residential uses safety practice. It should be carried out regularly as part of your tank maintenance. Keeping your tanks clean prevents scale, silting, biofilms, naegleria, legionella bacteria and other infestations. This can cause serious health problems and degrade or damage the tank, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

water tank cleaningWhat happens if a water tank is not maintained properly and regularly?

Most people tend to ignore the need to get their water tanks cleaned regularly.

  • Water filtration will stop functioning correctly and let through the unfiltered and impure water.
  • Rust and erosion: this runs the risk of the water in your water tank having toxic metal traces.
  • The unclean water may begin to develop harmful germs: this could lead to the spread of waterborne diseases that can prove fatal to those with weakened immune systems.
  • Small problems will not be identified until they become big problems even though small issues are cheaper to fix than big problems. If regular maintenance is conducted on your building’s water tank system then there will be no reason for an expensive repair or replacement job to ever be done.


Benefits of regular inspection and cleaning

   You and your family will be safe from water-borne diseases

Your hair and skin will reflect the usage of clean water

Tanks will be kept clear of sediment and silt

   Rust and erosion will be addressed

   Prevents blockages and leakages that could lead to water shut-offs

   Protects associated water systems such as valves and pipes from damage.

Regular testing and servicing

Water samples should be taken and analyzed annually, or as defined during the risk assessment. This is particularly important for high risk water sources, such as stagnant water in water storage tanks.

The process of water testing requires adhering to a series of procedures in order to minimize the risk of the water sample being altered before undergoing the water testing.

Prevents plumbing issues

Buildup of impurities can also cause plumbing issues in the valves and pipes that supply the water to a building. To ensure that this doesn’t happen a water tank and its associated systems needs to be properly maintained through regular water tank cleaning.

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